Thursday, January 10, 2013


"WHOA!" is right, Matt Larson has some pretty insane ledge combinations that he unleashes in these quick clips, and what I believe to be a few NBDs. Matt turned everybodys head a few days ago with a single clip tre flip noseslide nollie laser flip out. the way he landed that one you could be certain that more technicality was in store. heres 9 more tricks from Matt for this weeks Whoa! check the ender!!! for board control like that, i'm guessing as soon as the sessions over, Matt puts a pillow on top of that ledge, catches some shuteye right there amongst the wax, then wakes up early the next morning to get back to biz. Sounds like a charmed life to me. Really inspiring stuff Matt, appreciate you sharing it with us :) Find Matt at and SUBSCRIBE!!! Most entertaining or highest rated comment on this weeks vids get BEAST OF THE WEEK for next weeks uploads. We love to hear from all of you! Find Metro on the web at: ‪‪‬‬ 
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