Thursday, December 27, 2012


This weeks "Thursday's Threat" is known as Jonny Hernandez, resides in the Los Angeles area, and he rips! Watch his new part from AMMO skateboards to see the damage he ensues! "Jonny Hernandez is a product of the new generation of skateboarding he skates all day, loves some steps and the internet . You may have seen him ripping around the streets of Los Angeles the city he was born in or you may have caught him shutting down a pizza party at the berrics. A little over a year ago we met Jonny at Lincoln Park ripping the double set to pieces with long hair and we were calling him "littler Louie". He was so good we had to pay him respect and ask him his real name, the rest is history we threw him in the van and he is part of our *TROOP* now. We later nick named him Jonny 5 because he was little and needed input like that robot in the movie "Short Circuit". We hope you enjoy @Jonny5Skate s 1st video part...Merry Christmas - *AMMO*"


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