Saturday, December 22, 2012


"July 30, 2012. Obviously, it came as somewhat a surprise when I heard that Sweet Skateboards and Sk8mafia were partnering up to work on the forthcoming Sweetmafia video, the first real international mulit-company full-length video collab. But after the first of two days tagging along to skate around Sweet’s home base of Stockholm, Swededn, with the entire squad druing their monthlong filming mission throughout Europe, it became apparent that this was the most natural of moves.

The two brands are practically the exact same as each other, just bizarro versions positioned in opposite zones of the globe. Which means, just like when in San Diego with the Mafia, while in Europe with Sweet, we never stopped exploring every nook of the city until our legs were toast. But luckily, with every ollie cracked, so was a beer (albeit low-alcohol beer; what gives, Sweden?!).

That is, unless we were on the fabled Finnish ferry, an all-night party boat that took us to Helsinki on our final night. Then it was Long Drink, an evil elixer of way-too-drinkable goodness. And after too many cans, Marshall Heath and Jimmy Cao felt its mind-numbing wrath and quickly ended up wtih “destruction” charges and boat jail. Should’ve known Jonas Skroder was a bad influence. Well, boys, skal."

Words by Kevin Duffel


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