Monday, December 10, 2012

FLASHBACK - STEVIE WILLIAMS: Element Skateboards - Fine Artists Vol. 1 (1994)

Everyone starts off somewhere and in 1994 Stevie Williams made his debut in Elements "Fine Artists VOL.1". On 12.12.12 we will see just how far LIL Stevie has come, can't wait to peep that new DGk video. Peep the DGK trailer here

The Element Fine Artists Vol. 1 video introduced us to a very Lil Stevie Williams and also featured parts from Bill Pepper, Doug Saenz, Eric Rewadi, Andy Stone, Danny Minnick, Bear Hughes, Eric Pupecki, Mike Degeus, Pepe Martinez and Andy Howell.

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  1. Nice posting "Skateboards " .I have no words. THIS IS AMAZING!! Congrats!!