Friday, December 21, 2012

CCS AMageddon montage

The end of the world is upon us today and while the fire and brimstone hasn't quite begun yet, this AMageddon montage from the CCS Am Project team is an obvious sign of the coming apocalypse. In celebration of the end of the 13th Mayan Baktun, the CCS Am Project team including Mikey Whitehouse, Jamal Gibbs, Matt Lemond, Major Jones, John Dumalig, Trent Hazelwood, Michael Davis, Nolan Reardon, Michael Piwowar, Jonathan "Potato" Yanez, Michael Pulizzi, Matt Finley, Sammy Montano, Gary Bolos, Austin Padilla, Vinnie Thomas, Aaron Cannon put together one hell of an edit. The grand finale goes to none other than Uriel Esquivias who came through with an ender truly fit for armageddon. If for some reason the world doesn't come to an end today, the CCS Am Project riders will be the ones to watch in 2013.
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