Friday, November 30, 2012

Day In The Dirt: featuring Caswell Berry, David Gravette and Ben Raemers

Video: Jake Smith, Jeff Halstad
Edit: Mike Aho
Instagram: @volcomstoneage

While this past summer was winding down, we packed up the van and went
roadtrippin¹ through the Northwest. The crew was tight: Mark Appleyard,
Aaron Suski, Caswell Berry, David Gravette and Ben Raemers along with
Portland locals Jeff Halstad shooting the video and Garric Ray snapping
photos. With minimal requirements in our itinerary, we were free to roam
the streets and parks of the Northwest in search of epic terrain.
Throughout the trip, Garric kept talking about a park with massive dirt
jumps nestled in the woods of Portland, Oregon that bikers had built years
ago. Over time the dirt had packed to nearly ride-able terrain. He was
insisting we give it a look and Gravette chimed in backing the idea, so
once we made it to ole PDX we went and checked it out. Once we pulled up,
we saw what the fuss was all about. Had I picked up a bike in my youth,
this place would have been a dream! What followed was an intense session
where Caswell, Gravette and Benny Boy tested the limits of what we thought
possible on these dirt jumps. Gravette having some recent
injuries was unable to skate to his full potential and, not wanting to
miss out on the fun, got up and hucked a few jumps on a local kids bike to
wrap up the session. Overall, it was a great experience with a good crew
and good vibes and we left unscathed(nearly).


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