Saturday, October 20, 2012


Louie Barletta is bar none one of the most, if not the most, creative pro skateboarders out there when it comes to unusual trickery. His bag of strange, rare and down right bonkers skateboard stunts make him the undisputed king of bizzarre. CCS is a big fan of Mr. Barletta and this week we checked in to get a few pointers on the extremely rare Corn Dog. This seldom seen blunt variation hybrid is one part Air Walk, one part Dog Pisser and one part, errrr, blunt fakie? However you want to classify it, Louie breaks it down with a level of clarity and detail seldom seen in our Trick Tip series. He even expands on the applications of the Corn Dog by "throwing some mustard on it" by adding in a finger flip. Master this transitional rarity and you'll be the only dude at your park, neighborhood, city and possibly state that can do it.
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