Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sick Video of a rad Aussie D.I.Y. spot getting killed. the best part is that there is more to come, SWEET!

Kahibah Chapter 2 - PART 1/3

"The Kahibah clip chapter two part one out of three. We decided to build a bank ledge and I filmed it and here it is.
Fisheye footage filmed with a handle but i had to hold the mic so the filming is a little crappy. This one's been in the editing for ages. Next part out in a few days.

Russell Grundy
Troy Nicholas
Justin Poutney
Jeremy Hart
Tom Goodlad
Jesse Ambrose
Simon Palm
Tim Martens
Zac Connell
Ethan Peterson
Dean Fuest

Eye/Animations/Overlay art created by Ethan Peterson

Filmed by myself on my Nikon d300s, rokinon 8mm, 50mm f1.4, kit lenses, rode mic, custom handle.

My skating filmed by Troy
Additional filming from Ethan cheers

Tame Impala - Minds Mischief"


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