Friday, September 7, 2012

INSTAPIC OF THE DAY - #networkskate

By now we are sure you have heard about the epicness that is happening this Saturday at OB skate park. Be at Robb Field some time between noon and 2pm to have a complete and total blast.

So many sponsors so many legends.

#networkskate #besttrickblowout #networkskatebesttrickblowout
The instapic was taken by @kogblogger of an @shockus flyer.

Do you have the skills behind the lens?
Do you think your pics are good enough to get the INSTAPIC OF THE DAY?
Hash tag your pics with #networkskate to enter, check the site daily to see if you nailed it. Be sure to follow all of the @name's on Check out @networkskate while you're at it.


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