Thursday, September 6, 2012

INSTAPIC OF THE DAY - luis_sedano

With the new @networkskate t-shirt on the market all of the cool people are wearing it. It's keen clothing for KOTR 2012.

If you have a chance to make it to our Best Trick Blow Out in OB on Saturday you'll have a good chance on winning one of your own as well.

"@rtbftr78 reppin a @networkskate shirt! #networkskate #skateboarding"
INSTAPIC OF THE DAY from @luis_sedano on

Do you have the skills behind the lens?
Do you think your pics are good enough to get the INSTAPIC OF THE DAY?
Hash tag your pics with #networkskate to enter, check the site daily to see if you nailed it.
Be sure to follow all of the @name's on Check out @networkskate while you're at it.



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