Friday, September 7, 2012


In case you don't know we are gonna have some heavy hitters as judges tomorrow for our Best Trick Blowout at OB Park. So today's Flashback is dedicated to them.

I'd tried to post up their most iconic parts hoping to not make it The Storm plus 1, but with all of the copy write restraints and all of the videos not being online yet it was almost impossible.

Why can't I find Black Cat and Troubleshooters parts on the internet, among others (there are a few but not all)?

So here it goes The Storm plus 1 on Flashback. And when you see our judges tomorrow make sure you get them to sign a pair of your reissue D3's. Haha

First off: Osiris Shoes - The Storm (1999)
"The Storm featured Dave Mayhew, Tyrone Olson, Chad Knight, Kanten Russell, Josh Kasper, Mathias Ringstrom, Chad Fernandez, Peter Smolik, Jerry Hsu, Dave Coyne, Chris Dobstaff, Daxter Lussier, Brandon Turner and Scott Pazelt."

Kanten Russell

Chad Knight

Josh Kasper

Tyrone Olson

Brandon Turner

And finally: Maple Skateboards - Rites of Passage (1994)
"Rites of Passage featured parts from Joe Mclellan, Chad Muska, Jeff Nichols, Nick Bell, Marc Johnson, Thom Hornung, Jason Carney and Kien Lieu."

Jason Carney

If you are at least within a 2 hour flight of San Diego make sure you come to our last summer on Earth event. Remember summer doesn't end till around September 20th. According to the Mayans and Ancient Aliens this will be our last summer on Earth, so why not make it your best? Haha

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