Thursday, August 30, 2012


This Sunday the 26th of August was the Route 44 - 12th Anniversary End of Summer BBQ.

I was there to do the whole document thing, even though I never intended on doing this post

The Truth is I was doing a photo essay/review on my new Old Man Army coozy, as the night got drunker the more pictures I took. At the end of the night I'd somehow lost my coozy but these pictures will live on.

All photos by Kogblogger unless stated otherwise.

That being said you are going to see a bunch of pics featuring my recently lost Old Man Army coozie.

"12 years Route 44 anniversary BBQ"
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"BBQ @route44 #weouthere #supportthehomies #skateboarding #comethru @luis_sedano loves meat #fagg #route44since2000"
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"Shockus @networkskate @route44 BBQ party"
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"Route 44 BBQ skate jam."
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Some old man shit

All of the kids and product reviewers showed up

Everyone loves to hate Fish

Fish learning his inverts

Skooter having fun with them

Lenny knows how good this coozy is

Someone teach this kid about mustard

Jeff Ward Blasting

We had a 3 minute best trick on this obstacle. Barrio won.

"Route 44 BBQ party"
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Jaun just had his board survive a Mercedes rear tire and he's down for the old ass army

Ol' Zombi arm made it out

Carney repping all the shops

Brandon was doing this huge blast off wall ride but I was never there when he made it

"Jeff getting some clips."
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Kyong & Carney

The sun was setting on our affair

Good times

I think Carney got a hold of my phone

Wish Sperm a happy birthday



Julian fresh from the Desert

Brandon was the Vegan on the grill

Fish was his favorite customer

The Washed Up Warriors were at it

How Brandon looks after someone gave Fish a Beer. STOKED!!!

The end of the night

Do I have to tell you that I don't remember most of this.

"B.B.Q! 12th anniversary at Route 44 skate shop"
Photo: Feder Chavez

Well that was it. My post doesn't even begin to show half of the debacle. There was much more fun to be had, the hangovers were abundant. I was lucky enough to sleep for 15 hours wake up , look for my coozie, get a smoothy and torta from Senior Mango's, then took a 4 hour nap. How did you do?

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