Sunday, August 19, 2012

INSTAPIC OF THE DAY - #slappysunday

Every Sunday around the world hordes of skaters observe the classic pastime of slappys. Slappy Sunday is just an easy and fun way to end the weekend. Skaters of all ages and creeds get together to celebrate their love for grinds and take it easy. You'll never get a "cool guy" attitude at Slappy Sunday, it's just a fucking curb.

What did I say about how hard it is not to post a Donger pic?

"#mattsosa of the @washedupwarriors #machotaildrop at #slappysundays"
Photo: @jeffhalleran on

"Skating with Donger and he's killing shit. #hstreet #legend #donger #skateboarding #sk8 #slappysundays"
Photo: @adam_kure on

"Also shredding with another legend, Mario Rubalcaba. #skateboarding #slappysunday #legend #sk8"
Photo: @adam_kure on

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