Sunday, August 12, 2012


Metro team doods at Moss Beach DIY

"Daniel Dubois, Greg Millions and myself at the new Moss Beach DIY and Foster City Skatepark. Thanks to all the skaters that put in work every wednesday to keep the Moss Beach project moving forward. Had a great time meeting and skating with all of you, hope to be back for a session soon! :D Had way too much fun skating the little quick set up gap to mini Potrero park bank. theres about 100 more trick combos i'd like to try on that, somehow i have a feeling another trips in order. second spot's Foster City, we caught it with about 40 minutes of daylight left. Still left enought time for Daniel to get busy with a long nosegrind popout. for those that've been there, that last quick set up ollie manual enders insane, unfortunately, we were rigging flashlights to DSLR cams and basically filming in the dark, so the footage is a bit spotty. hope you enjoy, please leave us a comment and a thumb if you do :)"

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