Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Washed Up Wednesdays returns via an interview with Washed Up Warriors mainstay, Matt Sosa with info on the next Washed video, Jeremy Nichols & more.

Sosa skate photo by Tim Hardy. Sosa portrait, Nichols photos & text by Jeff Halleran.
Sosa post-backyard slam - photo by Halleran

What has the Washed Up Warriors crew been up to since The Second Bumming video was released?
Oh you know the usual. Shutting down SD spots. NBD's and after black hammers. Trying to hit coping.
Do you remember anything significant about the day you shot the photo below with Tim Hardy?
It was Memorial Day. I was off work. There was a big crew skating. We hit like 10 spots that day. Although it's a stretch to call that thing a spot. Thanks for shooting it Tim!
Wallie rock to fakie - photo by Tim Hardy

Jeremy Nichols has been out there shredding with us a bunch, can you give a little back story on our long-time good bro?
For every warrior you lose, like Gabe Salas to injuries/family; a new one returns from the depths. I've been skating with Jeremy for 20 years now. Good times.
Nichols with a custom Washed Up Warriors rig - IG by @jeffhalleran

Jeremy Nichols, Japan grab - photo by Halleran

Sosa & Nichols on a recent excursion

There's been talk about a new Washed Up Warriors video being in the works, without giving too much away can you talk a little about that?
There has? It's only been 8 months since the last one. I'm still on a much deserved vacation after slaving away for 3 years to create that masterpiece of a part.

Matt Sosa in Washed Up Warriors The Second Bumming

Off the top of your head if you had to guess, when would you say the new Washed video will be premiering?
At the rate we are going; I feel confident with a December 2014 deadline. That could be pushed back though.
Sounds good. Any closing tips on how to stay Washed?
Do I have an option?


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