Tuesday, July 3, 2012



"I met Matt Gottwig thru my good homie Tom Carter. They be from a place called Seattle, Washington. Matt, AKA Gotti, is a really quiet kid. He just chills, works, and kills it on a skateboard. A lot of this was filmed on a whim. Just meet up and go film some clip real quick. Nothing serious. Even one of his last tricks...the NBD bs 5050 up the infamous Wilshire Gap To Ledge, we were just cruising LA Love that day. No plans to even film! Gotti was just like "hey I think Im gonna 5050 up the gap to ledge...want to film it? Think that would be cool?"...I was like "yo son, I never even seen anyone skate up this thing! Are you sure this is possible?". He started trying and wasn't coming to close...the ledge is super high off the ground and doesn't grind too good...plus you gotta get a pushing head start across Wilshire Blvd...one of the biggest and most trafficky streets in LA. But out of no where he just landed it. Like it was nothing! And then proceeded with his day as if it was another flat ground trick or regular clip.
Matt Gottwig can be found at LA Love on Sundays doing banging lines around the place with no one filming. This is just a little glance at what the Gotti life is all about...."Hard Times but Good Times". Cheers G.

Music: John Coltrane & Duke Ellington - "In a Sentimental Mood"

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