Friday, July 6, 2012


Tum Yeto hosted an awesome ramp jam with the Route 44 crew recently and were kind enough to let me shoot a few photos, some of which are posted here on the Foundation site, Shockus was up in the mix there also, filming a Networking with Route 44 video, check that out. If you're still hungry for more, scroll down through the photos below. Big thanks again to Tum Yeto, Route 44 and Pizzeria Luigi, you all rule!
- Halleran

Barrio Mike hitting it from the back...tail that is.

Reuben Barrack powering through a nosegrab fs 5-0.

Jacob Sandin grabbing fs, low to high off the extension.

Zack Dowdy lien to tail, warming up the lip for Brandon.

Brandon Perelson, goofin' hard in the paint with a roast beef high beam.

...early grabbing it up.

Thumb out, check. Backside invert.

Brandon boosting a backside air while Tod and the crew rap out topside.

Brandon had plenty of hot moves to spare, fs saran wrap.

Connor Getzlaff, busting a fs tuck knee.

Skooter scorching the lip with a fs crailslide.

Cuong Lieng, snagging a fs grind.

Julian Klincewicz with a bs disaster before he thrashed his knee that day.

Julian dishing out a Russian boneless.

Lenny Vargas keeping it carnal with this fs tailslide up the extension.

Luis grabbing ahold of a juicy melon.

Sedano cruises through a fs 5-0 to photo incentive.

Luis gettin' some lien air action in.

Luis Sedano making a spooky ender with a fs beanplant to 5-0.

Thanks again once more to,, and also to the Route 44 team for ripping.


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