Tuesday, July 10, 2012


"An Old Passage I wrote from a Vivid and Vivacious DreamWorld of Purple Haze

I do not know what is real any more and I am not sure if I ever will. For the past month I have witnessed the strangest things without thinking they are strange at first. It all started off with a trip to the Grand Canyon. It was a perfect day and I knew that something amazing was going to happen. I could feel the pleasantness in the warm air like the aroma of freshly baked cookies. I was sitting at a bench outside a bathroom waiting for my mother when I heard the sound of a drum. It was the most beautiful and melodic beat I had ever heard. The melody brought me to my feet in search for this masterpiece as if I was in a trance. I felt the beat deep in my soul and began to perform a dance I had never learned in the direction of the sound. All memories and thoughts from my contemporary life were lost. I danced to the beat, I felt the power of the beat, I became the beat. All of a sudden I was sitting in a circle with no faces I recognized and the rhythm road on. No one spoke, they all just stared blankly towards the middle. In the center of the cipher vibrant colors flashed before my eyes. They moved so swiftly and on time with the beat that I could not even comprehend what I was viewing. Is it possible for one to see a color that one has never seen before? I believe that I did that day and it changed my life forever. Somehow my senses got intertwined to produce a sort of sixth sense. I was able to see things that others never have through certain sound. Where did this unreal, god-like, noise come from? Disturbing, strange, and interesting images flashed before my eyes and the whole time the same rhythm played in my head. My attention was fixated on the array of spinning colors. I felt as if this was the turning point in my life and the meaning to my existence was to just witness this site. Wonder and confusion filled my head with millions of questions I was sure would never even cease to exist or be answered."

-Keita Farnsworth

The Life and Travels of Keita Farnsworth


  1. Keita, you are not gone yet...

    ...you cant be gone yet.

    You are in critical condition in SF...

    ...you are still here


  2. I sure hope so too! Grew up with this kid.