Monday, July 23, 2012


@jeremerogers @selfishsk8 watch me backside flip this blog post. #MiAmor

Hey kids if you want to learn how to turn 7 minutes of skateboarding into a 30 minute video then watch this garbage. Kinda bummed J Casanova’s part wasn’t a music video, I truly love his songs. Anyways there is some skating in this and some of it is good, Kyle Nicholson, Jani Laitiala, and Terell Robinson kill it in some unfamiliar territory. The video looks like it was shot on a weekend trip to Spain and it’s pretty much pointless to watch.

JR should think about changing the name of his company from Selfish to Ego, ‘cause it takes a hell of an ego to put out a video like this one.

After the intro they start off #MiAmor with this “The footage you’re about to witness was filmed over a brief trip to Spain. Do not attempt to recreate this awesomeness at home under such conditions.” First off what the fuck does this mean and second I hope to god that nobody tries to emulate this bullshit.

If you want you can by this piece of crap on iTunes.



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