Sunday, July 29, 2012


"Chomp on This brought us parts from Jamie Thomas, Eric Koston, Henry Sanchez, Brandon Biebel, Atiba Jefferson, Ty Evans, Lee Dupont, Giovanni Reda, Ryan Gee, Ako Jefferson, Gabe Morford and guest appearances from Andrew Reynolds, Geoff Rowley, Tom Penny, Ali Boulala and more."

"How hyped were the kids to be at the Chomp premiere? So hyped that I counted at least ten homemade Magic Marker-scribbled Pac Man T-shirts that were all blazing CHOMP ON THIS! Now that’s proof that almost no skateboarder has been left untouched by Chomp’s guerrilla marketing tactics. But what was the secret to Chomp’s hype-up sucess? It’s quite simple, you just can’t stop a VIDEO BY THE HOMIES, FOR THE HOMIES!

By now most people know that Chomp was masterminded by some of skateboarding’s most talented photographers, cinematographers, and artists. The main four being Ako Jefferson, Atiba Jefferson, Lee Dupont, and Ty Evans. What started out as just friends filming each other turned into a competition for footage, then all their homies got involved, and the rest is history.

I don’t want to give away all the goods, so I’m not going to break down everyone’s part, but I will tell you that the skating and editing in this video is out of control! The “night vision” section is probably one of the funniest behind-the-scenes hi-jinx parts I’ve ever seen. But don’t go thinking this video is just ruckus, because Jamie Thomas and Eric Koston have legit parts with plenty of hammers to keep you chomping. But most importantly, there’re also a couple of the hammers that went down that will change skateboarding forever: Backside 50-50 on the Staple Centers gnar-ledge and the Leap Of Faith is finally landed! Sorry, but I’m not allowed to tell you who did it. If you want to find out, you better get the vid and CHOMP ON THIS!"

-TWS (2001)

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