Monday, July 23, 2012


Last Saturday Typical Culture had a party for the release of their 3rd zine, in the industry it’s known as TC3.

Well anyways every skater that was in San Diego at that time was at Memorial Skatepark in the Barrio enjoying the sun, the food, the swag, the homies and the good times.

There was a bullhorn, some dogs, a female, and a bunch of best trick contest to give away all of the stuff that the sponsors supplied TC with.

I was able to fight off a hangover and get there an hour after the 2pm start time. I made a bee line to the booth to make sure I got my copy of TC3. Once I had it in my hand I was very impressed (that’s what she said).

Bullhorn? Check.

Ben Raybourn with the cover

The kids were stoked.

Arty chewing some yarn and Tyrone enjoy it

The dogs know what’s up

LaRue giving you the ol’ high five

Brendan and his beautiful smile

See I told you there was a female

Vagrant Mike peepin’ the TC3

Brandon Perelson got the ultra huge middle poster. That’s my right hand and warm beer getting mad BGP’s. You can take the poster out and pin it up on your wall over your bed and have Brandon watch over you while you sleep.

Doug is hyped on his burger and Rueben looks like he wants to go north


Spence looking worried about McKinney’s weight gain

W.U.W. representing

Dude and his bullhorn

The lineup for best trick over the alligator gap

There were tricks going over this thing but I didn’t get one

There was skateboarding going on too

Skreech got back cover

Well that was it, I had a blast in the short time that I was there, I tried to skate but then my hangover kicked in so I had to bounce. If you want to see better pictures of the event go to TC they kill it. Pick up your copy of TC3 at finer skate shops near you.


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