Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hermann's Hole.

Photo found at www.facebook.com/pages/Shark-Fins-Productions

"This was the best Hermann Fest so far! Thanks to all of our sponsors. A lot went down and I was taking photos for the next Scallywag zine and trying to get footage at the same time. So, check out the new Scallywag in July because the whole issue will be dedicated to Hermann's Hole Skate Fest 4. Jolly Roger / Guano Wheels team rider, Keith Reese, took first in the bowl contest, Iann Hass took third in the mini-bowl race, Brandon Cole got third in the best trick in the euro gap and rail contest, Guano team rider, Scotty Laird won the mini-bowl contest again and when I fully recover from the weekend I will post all contest results on our website."


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