Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Night Theater: Skate Lair Compound - Product of the Environment

"Skate Lair 2012 full length video "Product of the Environment" by Michael Cirelli

This is the 30 min film for Skate Lair Skate Shop out of Enfield, CT. The shop owner Erik Munday is the master mind and Michael Cirelli is there to snag it on camera. This film features every gangster ass homeless dude with a cell phone in the game, some G ass dudes with gold chains, crazy people at UMASS, Josh Arnold, Jimmy Grant, Gansta Mike Powley, Jeff Barnes, Little Joey, Big White, Jessie, Rob Campbell, Ron Chatman, Dakota, Tim Hodge, Keven Hammond, Bro Gumpright, Charlie Wilkins, TJ Gun Show, Little Malcolm X, Justin "Timberlake" Raposa, Tombo from 5Boro, Brian Brown, Matt Spence, Bare foot hippie man Jim, Jimmy McDonald, Leo Heinert, Big White gun show, Doug Moore, 5Boro Flow trash Jordan and Doogie, Fitz Meade, Brian Genevse, Kevin D'Angelo, Killer Cam, Dan Carrerio, Matt Urbano-Brick Wheels, John Hoy, Alex Maldonado, Tim "Rain man" Crouse, T-Ruz, Luis Tolentino, 5Boro Demo with Willy Akers and Dan Pensyl, Erik Munday, JJ Colon, TJ Schick and Tato's Borracho Jam with Oscar from Bodega and Maldon and a million other people from the East Coast! Make sure you follow us on Facebook at Skate Lair Compound. "

"Much love to: Shut, 5Boro, Natural Koncepts, Bodega, Lowcard, Transworld Skateboarding, Traffic Skateboards, Rodney Smith, Michael Cohen, Jeff Pang, Peter Bici, Peter Huynh, Creep Show Skateboards, Blair Alley, Steve R, Tombo, Nardelli, The whole 5boro crew, Luis Tolentino, Matix, FTK mag, Focus Mag,, all the skate lair family, Oscar and everyone else!"

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