Monday, May 28, 2012


"Trip To Hell 2011 // Antique Party Team // Groton // Bristol

Antique Skate Shop.
9 Florence Ottawa Ontario.

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Mitch Barette , Aaron Cayer, Sam Lind, Party Pete, Ben Duncan, Andrew Rashotte, Josh Hotz, Jordan Wiens, Nick Letkeman, Deaf Boy, Nik Harrison, Slaysh, Neil Magadzia and Erik Bermel

Trip To Hell
When Dante journeyed through Hell in the 13th century God sent him the great poet Virgil to guide him, assuring safe passage through Hell into Purgatory and finally into Paradise. We ( being the Antique Party Team consisting of Ben Duncan, Andrew Rashotte, Aaron Cayer, Sam Lind, Mitch Barrete, Taylor "Slaysh" Antilla, Party Pete, Nik Harrison, Jordan Wiens, Deaf Boy, Lurkman, Erik Bermel, Josh Hotz and Neil Magadzia) being heathens, had no such guide and instead tasked ourselves with navigating the depths of Hell alone with only our skateboards and misguided romantic notions of freedom to guide us. With little hope of a return, we set off 14 strong in 3 motorized demon carriers fully loaded with fresh planks, feet protectors, fire starters, cancer sticks and adult beverages in search of our own skateboarding paradise. It took little convincing of the Border Devil's that we belonged in Hell, and we were quickly headed south, Slayer begging us to Reign in Blood as we burn miles en route to our chosen state of Connecticut. As each Demon Carrier had left at separate times and days even, our first task was to assemble the crew at a small park in Milford, CT. Road weary from the long trek, and finding it overwhelmingly hot in the bowels of Hell, the first session with the entire crew consisted mainly of a party-pole-jam session and Sam and Aaron laying down man-hammers on the only vert wall they could find at the time, while Mitch B. slayed nose-manny nollie heels on a rainbow ledge clearly constructed by Lucifer's own hand. We toasted the God's with a team renegade, and continued deeper into Hell as darkness fell in the hopes of finding somewhere to party and perhaps find a few moments rest. One blown tire, and a few hours of searching later yielded a wonderful place to sleep. They have YMCA campgrounds in HELL! And even when they're closed to the public, you can in fact sleep there, with only the Demon Police and a few angry Demonettes to deal with in the morning. Having vanquished the police with our superior rhetoric, we fired up the road rockets and continued deeper, in search of more skateable terrain to be found amongst the decaying and debauched landscape of Hell.. The next two days can easily be summed up as a true blur of high speed bowl carnage, relentless alcohol consumption, and an interesting trip to the gas station to purchase some legal smokeable herbs. As the trip was coming to a close, the second last day was spent almost exclusively at Groton park, which in all honesty was almost too demonic for many members of the crew. For their sins, an evil demon by the name of Coors Original caused them all to suffer from severe hallucinations and pounding headaches. The Man-Transitions were tall, steep and gnarly, and the ground was as unforgiving as Satan himself. Aaron and Sam stepped up their carnage level to its peak, and destroyed the corner bowl for hours. Our final night was a series of disastrous attempts to find a suitable party camping spot, which ultimately ended at the very first spot we checked out, thus wasting about 4 hours of hydration. We came to the final day of our journey, and though we were battered and broken, it was obvious that there were a few ounces of stoke left in our legs, and so a final battle with the demonic terrain was waged. And so it was that the Renegade Brigade, with help from the Antique Party Team, went where only Dante had gone before, and we survived! It seems like little more than an honest-to-God miracle that everyone made it back alive and in one piece, but the only regret that we could all agree upon was that we hadn't stayed long enough.

Nick Letkeman and Aaron Cayer"


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