Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Spotlight: VOX Team - VOX Month

As we wrap up VOX Month we felt it was only appropriate to feature the whole team for this week's Weekend Spotlight. We also threw in VOX's latest video "Skate 4 Change" in between the pics, thanks to the folks at Skately.

So click on the pics to see more, watch the videos, and enjoy the little shoe company that could known as VOX Footwear.

Also don't forget to enter in your chance to win a free pair of shoes from VOX here.

Justin Strubing. Photo: skateworks

Pat Duffy. Photo:

Dave Bachinsky. Photo: Dan Zaslavsky

Darren Navarrette. Photo: Ed Dominick

Dan Roberts. Photo: VOX

Dan Nepscha Photo:

Fritz Mead. Photo:

Dan Drehobl. Photo: Jon Coulthard

Bryant Chapo. Photo: Brian Blakely

Truman Hooker. Photo: VOX

Shawn Hale. Photo: Joe Hammeke

Ryan Smith. Photo: Shigeo

Peter Watkins. Photo:

Cody McEntire. Photo: Blair Alley

Photo: Tadashi

Photo: Tadashi

Photo: Thrasher Magazine

freedum art. Photo:


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