Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Instagramsdays: VOX Month

It's been a while since we've done a Intagramsdays so we've decided to dedicate this one to the hard working men and women at VOX Footwear. Look at all of the pics and follow all of the @names on Instagram.

Thumbnail photo by @fucorpsey69 on

Photo: @voxfootwear

"Shaun Gregoire ripping!"
Photo: @voxfootwear

"china banks"
Photo: @fucorpsey69

"vertical navarette #mauibabe"
Photo: @fucorpsey69

"Middle of nowhere AZ"
Photo: @shawnhaleyeah

"Fresh setup, everyone is feed. Time to go to Tampa. @skateparkoftampa"
Photo: @davebachinsky3k

"@bry_johnson My two uncles got me my 1st skateboard at age 2; thanks so much for everything you've done for me and how you've pushed over the years. My uncle Steve is working to fix up the skatepark in Hampton N. H. It's rad to see them keep the movement going! @SteveOhara @PaulOhara #HamptonNH #PioneersSkatshop #Eastcoast"
Photo: @davebachinsky3k

"Matt Fenell shredding new hampshire #heavywheels #voxfootwear"
Photo: @davebachinsky3k

Be sure to follow all of the @name's on Check out @networkskate while you're at it.



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