Saturday, April 21, 2012


To get the most candid of on camera interviews with pro skateboarders, sometimes it works best to inlist the help of a close friend. In this case, we sent in Almost photographer Seu Trinh to film a Material World with Cooper Wilt at his crib in San Pedro, California. Armed only with an iphone camera, Seu captures Coop in his natural South Bay environment like only an old friend could. We love the rawness of your footage Seu, but maybe you should stick to still photography.

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  1. Using diverse strategies and materials, spanning from the installation of light filters and translucent materials to the use of photography critically dissects the issues of space.
    Being a photographer is expensive but if it is you truly dream of, it’s not bad. Facial emotion is the key, but in the eyes of ones person you could tell a whole lot of story by a mere glance.