Saturday, March 17, 2012


Five videos hand-picked by Barrio Mike with words on why.

Hitz is insane, would watch this video to get hyped before skating as well, Sam grinds the shit out of anything he skates pools, vert, key-holes...he's a fucking destroyer.... He's also responsible for my nick name "Barrio" because I always skate at the Barrio Logan Skatepark, we started having key-hole sesh's and the rest is history.

This part I would watch over and over as a kid, Jason Jesse is rad, best frontside ollies on vert in my opinion...I watched this part so many times that the VCR ate my tape...I was bummed.

Max Schaaf is one of my favorite skaters, he ollies out of tricks on the coping, front blunts... shit's insane...this is just one of his parts, I also watched his part in the Transworld video 4 Wheel Drive over and over.

This is a great video clip, 151 Skateboards killed it, Darren has always been one of my favorites, first vert skaters I had ever seen in person, him and Sam Hitz would show up at the old Missile Park vert ramp in '96 and rip. Darren has some sick tricks, hard flip indy's, half cab heel indy's, the list goes on...He also taught me to do backside airs, which was fucking sick.

Gator killed it in the 80's vert...and then was a killer in the 90's....J/k, Another favorite...his tricks were insane...I'll still try to throw down a Hershen Roll down, but I posted this clip up's what I feel like when I skate street sometimes.


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