Monday, March 5, 2012


This will either blow your mind or frustrate you...

format : DVD(2010年)
directed by : Takahiro Morita
appearance : Go Miyagi,Takahiro Morita,THA BLUE HERB,OPSB
comment : Japanese skate video production, FESN's blockbuster Overground Broadcasting gained a great recognition from skaters across the world.
A year from its release, FESN once again started a new project. It started as a promotion video production for the director Takahiro Morita's clothing brand, LIBE BRAND UNIVS. It took a full year for the release, and the film was titled, LIBE BRAND UNIVS.
Takahiro Morita has released over ten titles as FESN so far and the production style is to improve and surpass the quality of the previous film. This time too, Morita had made a detailed analysis of Overground Broadcasting and had put in elements and message that is needed in current skate scene, and a film with new style was born.
Morita's idea was to make it something that as many people as possible could enjoy and also make it accessible, by coming up with a new concept and setting a lower price. The film is targeted at not only Japanese skaters but also the ones abroad.
Morita himself, who is true to his view of skating, and Gou Miyagi who gained worldwide recognition from across the world by his unique part in Overground Broadcasting appear in the film. And also appearance of THA BLUE HERB, a hip-hop unit who cannot be separated from Morita's career as a skater, lights up the film.

LIBE BRAND UNIVS. was produced to regain something that is starting to get lost nowadays. The film is insanely thought-out and deeply edited. So many gimmicks are set in the film to convey the message to all viewers.

Running time: 80 min with additional bonus footage


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