Sunday, February 12, 2012


"After a year of living in Nashville, I'm still constantly capturing footage and throwing some away. But for a little present of being welcomed to Nashville, I decided to throw out some good stuff for everybody to feast on, but I really do need to thank one particular dude that if it wasn't for him, you guys wouldn't be watching this, and no one in Nashville would know who I am, you got to watch the montage to see who got me here in Nashville.
The homies wrote their names out (excluding Eric Lazore) for this montage because I want them to be involved in the process somehow.

Filmed and Edited by: Harris Oates

In order of appearance:

Dillon Tomlin, Kenny Hamptom, Matt Sharer, Eric Lazore, Buster, Matt Cole, Rob G, Quel Haddox, Corey Rosson, Blake Moore, Kyle Hampton, Bobby Newell, Keegan KIm."


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