Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This time on Kure Kares Adam relays us a story told by Billy Kahn about a Plan B demo that everyone in attendance will never forget.

"I shot this photo of Pat Duffy backside lipsliding the Clairemont YMCA bowl and posted it to my instagram (@kurekares cough cough). A great friend and longtime ripper Billy Kahn saw it and shared this story:

'Rad! Pat Duffy story - Joliet, Illinois, Drop-In Skatepark, Plan B demo. Gnarly thunderstorm outside, middle of summer, 90 degrees and pouring. Inside packed wall to wall with paths carved out at obstacles. Shit's going off and then SLAM! Blue streaks shoot down from the roof to the floor on a metal pole in the middle of the place. Big bright white flash when they hit the floor. The place gets rocked by lightning. While the flashes are happening people are screaming and bobbing and weaving. When the flashes stop, nobody's moving or talking. Dead silence.

Then you hear one set of wheels roll in, a couple of heavy pushes stomp down and there right next to the still smoking pole, in a sea of shakedown, Pat Duffy 360 kickflips over the big pyramid. 1st and only try, clean as you could ask for. Roll away tail skid into a crowd that wasn't ready to catch him. People checking around to make sure they still had all their parts... The place just went crazy. It was gnarly. Skateboarding. Keep it alive.'
- Billy Kahn"


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