Friday, February 10, 2012

INSTA-PIC OF THE DAY - @mccranker

Today's Insta-pic wasn't chosen so much for the picture but much rather for the story. Apparently the El Chocolate Tour in Panama was... well I guess I let McCrank tell the story. The ending is classic

That blur up there is Kenny @skiduls ollieing a rooftop hip moments before 97% of our crew got arrested. Bumming on #elchocolatetour

Photo: @mccranker on

"Kenny @skiduls is free!! The cops stole his and Vincent's money though. Buuuut thanks to the help of a good man that witnessed it (who happens to be the personal trainer of the president!) the cops who stole their money are now IN JAIL!! Hell yeah! Chalk one up for justice! #elchocolatetour"

Photo @mccranker on

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