Monday, February 13, 2012

INSTA-PIC OF THE DAY - @daggerchuck @PHE_2012

I don't usually post pics of other pictures (at least I try real hard not too but sometimes I can't tell) but today is an exception. Hell these pics aren't even that good all out of focus with bad composition but I don't care!

These pics are dear to me and to anyone else who is, or has a love one who is dealing with the day to day battle with cancer. These are pictures of original Gonz art donated by the good people of DLX Distribution and I believe you will be able to win these baby's in an auction at the 5th annual PHE ("Non profit Arts&Music fest started 5 years ago. Raising funds for Artist/Musician Edgar Burns' cancer battle & other local arts and music charities. Mar30-31").

Edgar Burns' started PHE 5 years ago and has been fighting his battle with cancer for THREE YEARS now. He put together this non-profit organization to put on great music and art events in his area and to help everyone with their fight.

Click the pictures or links to find out more about this great non-profit or how you can get your hands on the Gonz art. Or you can hit them up on twitter too @PHE_2012

Photo: @daggerchuck on

Photo: @daggerchuck on

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  1. Thanks for props... the PHE was started 5 years ago when Edgar came up with the idea. He was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer 2 years later. It was only natural that we take the event he championed and make it a charity for him. He had to one up us again, and make it for the kids in the community that are down with art and music. I cannot imagine the pain and struggle of it all, it's more than anyone should have to deal with. I do know that the support of the skateboard world makes the fight a little more bearable. That is a great thing. Thank you all! Thank You Skateboarding.

  2. Thanks for the correction Chuck, sorry for my ignorance. Anything I can do to help I will do -kogblogger/krusher

  3. Thanks man.. I sent the URL to Edgar.. he was pretty stoked.