Thursday, February 16, 2012


C.V. D.I.Y.

Today's DD is another Networker Submission. I like to call this one "5 Lurkers, 3 Workers". Anyways it's a rad backyard D.I.Y. spot and it is only going to get better. I was suppose to go down there last Wednesday to help out and look around but the rain got in the way.

Photo by : Jose Trevino

If you have any D.I.Y. pics or vids you will like to share send them to

Please be sure to write diy in the subject title, leave a photo credit, a spot name, a subject credit, and a website that you would like me to link to (or not). Either way I'm stoked to see the spot that you want to share on Network Skate (this does include well established sites like Burnside, WSVT, Channel St, Marginal Way, KHVT, Al Town, Leeside, Chill Park, Mellow Park and such)


  1. not related to this article but did you see the snatch spot in the new skateboard mag?

  2. oops my bad, that was not snatch, it was hooker valley

  3. I don't know who built those quarters, they're ef'en rad. They're a pretty long walk from Hooker Valley though. That ditch system runs for about 20 miles. The fight scene in the new Creature short was filmed right in front of the entrance of the Valley and is my favorite spot to skate. Next time you guys are in San Diego I'll take you down there so you can get your blog on. haha