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JT Aultz recently suffered from a serious head injury while filming for the new Osiris video in Las Vegas, NV. After a very long week in a Las Vegas hospital he has finally made it home to San Diego. Although he is out of the hospital, doctors say it could be a while before he steps back on his board. Today I got a chance to visit with JT at his home in San Marcos to find out how he not only hurt his head, but also to see how he is coming along with his recovery.

Let's start this off with what happened?
Well I was in Vegas skating and tried to front board this triple kinker. It was going pretty good, even stuck one but I think I got to cocky with it and got pitched back onto my head. I was going real fast stopped on the kink and put my foot on the rail so I wouldn't sack. I ended up jumping backwards off the rail right onto my head and neck... it sucked.

When you slammed did you know something was wrong right away?
Yeah I knew I was in trouble. I thought I might have broke my neck even.

How did you get to the hospital?
I don't really remember anything, but I guess they had to airlift me out.

PHOTO BY @high_speed_death
How serious is the injury and how long will it take before you are back on a board?
It's pretty hard to say right now. Most of the doctors say I should be back skating like normal again in 4 to 6 weeks, but who knows.

Did you freak out when you woke up form the coma?
Yeah I couldn't breath with all the tubes in my mouth so I started yelling at the nurses and trying to rip everything out. I feel kinda bad about it but I don't even remember doing it.

Did your friends and family come out to Vegas?
Yeah it was really cool. My mom, dad, and wife came out along with Jim Thiebaud and a few friends from SD.

Normally you're very careful before you try a trick, did you run through your normal o.c.d routine before trying this one?
That's the weird thing. I felt real comfortable with it the whole time and didn't have too much o.c.d. The try before I fell I told Jim, the filmer, I was gonna stick it this try then go to fakie next. I think that's why I wasn't ready for it. Thinking too far ahead.

The Osiris filmer, Jim Kappel, dislocated his shoulder on that trip as well, is this Osiris project cursed or was it Vegas?
Haha yeah, we were joking saying that Brendan Klien was the curse, but no he's cool. Things like this just happen. It's not the first time I've been sent to the hospital and it won't be the last.

Are you looking forward to getting back on a board and finishing up your Osiris part?
Yeah I can't wait. I'm already going crazy thinking of spots. Usually with most injuries you can't move around but this one is different. My body feels fine so it's gonna be hard to hold back, but I know I have to at least wait till my skull heals.

How was the trip up until you got hurt?
The trip was awesome until that. I'm upset I missed out on the rest of it. I have to make up for lost time now.

Do you have any people you would like to thank?
Yeah of course. My whole family all my friends and just all of skateboarding. It shows a lot about skateboarding when you get so much support after something like this. Even from people I don't really know. It was really cool. Oh and thank you too.

Thanks for doing this interview Jt, you really look like you're doing well and I can't wait to see you back on your board ripping again.

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